Live Group Coaching with Q&A

Why Leaders Need To Anchor In Christ During Turbulent Times

Are you trying to gain traction on your goals for the new year? Are some of those goals already starting to slip?

Join us as we look at how our goals reveal the spiritual condition of our hearts but also impact the physical reality of our personal and professional life. Pausing, reflecting, and evaluating will impact our daily habits, and reveal who we really trust.

Live Group Coaching with Q&A

January 24, 2023
2:00pm Eastern Time


  • Free Personal Goal Planning Workbook a $100 value for FREE
  • 20 minute Q&A with Bobby and a Community of Leaders
  • Free Recording with Signup, no obligation

Taught by Bobby Albert

Three-time author Bobby is a leadership coach and speaker who is passionate about workplace culture.

With 40 years in the role of CEO, Bobby Albert has started a dozen businesses and acquired nearly the same number in his time as a business leader. He’s developed a systemic process designed to show others how to build a firm foundation designed for growth rooted in faith and the True North, Jesus.

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